A. Two-way radios are permitted and highly recommended. B. Minimum age to compete in this division is 14.

C. Drivers must supply Track Officials with the following:

a. The car’s engine numbers b. Proof of horsepower

c. Computer numbers

d. Transmission numbers (ie: Manual for make of car running) Form provided by the track.

D. All cars must have tow hooks or chains in the front and rear.

E. Computers may be claimed for $150. Top 5 positions and on the lead lap only can be claimed. Claim must be made in writing within 15 minutes after completion of the race. F. 93 octane fuel and turbo blue fuel is permitted. E85 is NOT permitted.


A. 1972 to present four-cylinder passenger cars (sedan type) or trucks are permitted. Must have been manufactured with front and rear seats. Two-seaters are NOT permitted.

B. Mid-engine, rotary engine, and/or turbos are NOT permitted.

C. Four-wheel drives are NOT permitted.

D. Four-wheel steering or rear steering is NOT permitted. E. Automatic or manual transmissions are permitted.


A. Only stock four-cylinder engines are permitted. Must remain stock for make of car or truck (ie: Honda to Honda, Toyota to Toyota, etc.)

B. Engine block and cylinder head must match as manufactured. C. 170 maximum horsepower (HP).

D. NO porting or cutting of any type on any engine parts.

E. Boring of engine block will be permitted.

F. Any and all internal engine parts must be operational (ie: counterbalance shaft)

G. All F22 Honda’s to claim 135HP

H. All VTEC Engine must unhook VTE solenoid.


A. Fuel injection or carburetor fuel system is permitted. Must be as Manufactured. High performance carburetors or injectors are not permitted. Carburetor must be stock for vehicle with no modifications.

B. Fuel injected engines must have fuel pump safety cut off switch. Fuel cell is permitted.

C. The use of a turbo is NOT permitted.

D. Throttle bodies must remain stock.


A. NO aftermarket headers. Header permitted must be stock for car.

B. NO performance enhancing exhaust permitted.

C. The maximum exhaust pipe size is 2 ½ inches.

D. Dual exhausts are not permitted.

E. Exhaust must exit behind the driver.


A. Aftermarket noses may be used. Must be similar in appearance to stock parts. One continuous bumper bar only.

B. All glass must be removed. A full Lexan windshield is required.

C. All exterior lights must be removed.

D. Stock or fabricated dash is permitted.

E. Rear spoiler maximum of 5 inches is permitted. Spoiler must NOT be wider than deck lid.

F. Inner fenders may be removed in front of the shock towers on the front end of the car only.

G. Fenders may be cut for tire clearance.

H. Firewalls and trunk area must remain stock. May be altered for fuel cell.

I. Aftermarket hood is permitted – must be securely fastened. Fiberglas or steel ONLY. NO GAPS. May need taped at tracks discretion.

J. Inner doors, hood and trunk lid may be cut out.

K. Door skins may be aluminum and steel.


A. Base weight is 2,300 lbs for engines up to 115 HP. Cars over 115 HP will be required to add weight using the weight formula. After 115 HP, 11 lbs will be multiplied for each HP over and added to the base weight to determine final weight.

B. Right side weight must be 45% of total weight.

C. Horsepower (HP) and weight must be placed on the passenger side of the windshield in 3-inch letters. Must provide proof of horsepower (HP).

D. Track Officials ruling on all horsepower ratings will be final.

E. All added weight must be securely fastened to car with at least 2 half (½) inch grade eight (8) bolts with a metal strap on the top and bottom. All weight must be painted white with the car number on the weight. Any car or truck losing weight will be subject to a fine and/or penalty.

F. Weight may be adjusted in fairness to competition. G. Fuel burn-off: 1 lb per lap.


A. Transmission must be stock for vehicle. Honda to Honda, Toyota to Toyota etc. Must run stock clutch.

B. All gears must work – NO welded gears.

C. High performance parts are NOT permitted.

D. Stock flywheel ONLY. NO lightening, May be surfaced only.


A. Aftermarket air cleaner will be permitted.

B. Duct work and filter cannot extend passed the radiator support and must be inside the engine compartment.


A. Suspension must be stock.

B. Springs may be cut or heated.

C. Spring rubbers are permitted.

D. Racing springs are permitted.

E. Wheelbase must be stock for car and must match side to side. Half inch difference is allowed.

F. NO rear steer (NO ‘crabbing’)

G. 0 to 1/8th inch rear tow.

H. Sway bar may be adjusted for handling purposes. Stock sway bars ONLY.

I. No Aftermarket Coil Overs are allowed.

J. Only stock production Makes with Coil Over are Permitted.


A. Legend approved tires or 380 tread wear rated tires ONLY. All four (4) tires MUST be same size, 60 series. Hoosier or Federal, your choice but they all must match.

B. Wheels may be stock or seven (7) inch racing wheel. All four (4) wheels must be the same offset. The offset must be three (3) inches or higher in number.

C. NO wheel spacers permitted.


A. Locked differentials are NOT permitted.

B. Positive-traction differential are NOT permitted.


A. Battery – Must be enclosed in sealed box securely mounted.

B. Modifying or altering – in any way – of the car’s computer is NOT permitted.


A. Roll cage – minimum four (4) point cage constructed 1-3/4 inch, .095 tubing.

B. Roll cage should have two (2) down bars from the top of cage through rear firewall to rear of car.

C. Roll cage should have four (4) door bars on left side with door plate of minimum 1/16th inch thick steel.

D. Right side should have at least three (3) door bars or an X bar.

E. Any car with 1 ½ inch roll cage should have 1/8th-inch door plate and ‘Petty bar’

F. Two (2) support bars may extend through front firewall and to the radiator.

G. Racing seat must be an approved seat and should be properly mounted to seat frame. Seat should not be attached to the floor pan.

H. A five (5) point racing harness should be used. Must be within three (3) years of date of manufacturer.

I. All cars should have a working fire extinguisher and be mounted within reach of the driver with a quick release mechanism.

J. Fuel cell may be used. Must be securely mounted centered in trunk area.

K. NO fuel line in driver’s compartment.

L. Quick release steering wheel coupler MUST be used.

M. A window net must be used. Window net must release at top.


A. Car numbers MUST be visible for scoring purposes.

B. Door numbers must be 18 inches in height.

C. Posted on both doors.

D. Roof number required. 28 inches minimum height. Roof numbers are recommended to face reading toward the grandstand.

NO ANTIFREEZE! If your car is found to have antifreeze, you will be subject to a $100 fine.

Track officials will have discretion to modify these rules as needed.

Track officials will determine legality of all components.

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